Missouri Dirt Riders
AMA National Hare Scramble

Flat River Grand Prix
St Joe State Park Park Hills, MO 63601

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We have a 12 to 13 mile course with the normal Flat River terrain of hills and rocks. The enduro cross section is back with an alternate way around it. We have a few new obstacles to ride thru as well that should make this a great challenge to most riders. The long range forecast is a high of 57 degrees on Sunday with a  low of only 44 degrees on Saturday night.

Concessions are also available and there is camping at the race site or at the park campground as well. Normal camping fees apply and we also ask that there is no pre riding the course or any pit riding allowed at any time. You can ride or practice inside the regular riding area on Friday or Saturday, as per AMA rule, there is no course practice, but walking the course is allowed.

The Junior starts at 9 AM and the course is 5 miles long. The pee wee race also starts at 9 AM and is a little over a mile long and will have plenty of course workers to make sure all of the riders get thu safely. For other info feel free to call 636-942-4884 or 314-504-7287.


Saturday March 22nd, 2014 ATV Hare Scramble
Sign up: 9:00 AM

Start Time 12:00
6 laps or about 2 hours
7.7 mile lap
Fees: AA-$50.00 100% payback
All other classes $40.00


Overall AA 91cc-open (Pro A and B riders ride the same course)
Open A 91cc-open
30+A 91cc-open
15-20 B 91cc-open
21-29 B 91cc-open
30+ B 91cc-open
40+ 91cc-open
50+ 91cc-open
Women A & B 91cc-open
Utility Open 91cc-open-originally equipped with racks
15-25 C 91cc-open
26+ C 91cc-open
Trailrider 91cc-open


Directions to race:  Hwy 55 south from St. Louis, MO.  South on Hwy 67
to Leadington /Park Hills exit.  Turn right,  follow arrows to St Joe State Park mine building.

Physical address :  Missouri Mines 4000 Hwy 32, Park Hills, MO 63601

GPS Coordinates:  N 37degrees 50.235 W090 30.549

Camping allowed at race site Friday March 21st and Sat March 22nd.
Camping Fees : $12.00 per nite

Gate Fee:  $7.00 Per person

Contact info:  636-942-4884 or 314-504-7287

AMA Card needed to race.  One day card available for $20.00
1 year AMA member ship $49



Sunday March 23rd, 2014 Motorcycle Hare Scramble

Youth Hare Scramble Classes:

Super Mini(Big Wheel ) 12-15 80-112cc 2 stroke/75-150cc 4- stroke
85cc 12-15 66-85cc 2-stroke/75-125cc 4-stroke
85cc Junior 7-11 66-85cc 2-stroke/75-125 4-stroke
65cc 7-11 52-65cc 2 stroke/52-90cc 4-stroke
50cc 4-8 0-51cc
Girls 12-15 80-112cc 2 stroke/75-150cc 4-stroke

MHSC Junior Class Rides at 9:00 am with the AMA Youth classes  $40 entry

All Youth classes entry fee $40 except 50cc class.  50 cc $25
Sign up 7:00 to 8:30 am

50cc classes 1 mile 30-45 min
65cc classes 3-6 miles 1-1.5 hrs
85 and big wheel 3-6 miles 1.5 – 2 hours

MHSC Junior class will ride one of the above classes.

Race start times for all Youth classes:   9:00 am

Info:  636-942-4884 or 314-504-7287 gdkink@gmail.com
Additional info MHSCRacing.com

Missouri Hare Scramble Championship Points Race

Gate Fee – $7.00 per person

AMA card to race.  $20.00 one day AMA card available for purchase
AMA 1 year membership $49



Sunday March 23rd, 2014 AMA Hare Scramble
Entry Fee: AA Overall (100% pay back) $50
All other classes $40
Start Time 12:00
No Practice
Sign up 8:00
2 1/2-3 hr race # of laps to be Determined
Missouri Hare Scramble Points Race



Overall AA (Pro and A riders ride the same course)
86-200cc A
201-250cc A
251-open A
Veteran A (30 years and up)
Senior A (40 years &up)
Super Senior A (50 years & up)
86-200 cc B
201-250cc B
251-Open B
Veteran B (30 yrs & up)
Senior B (40 yrs & up )
Super Senior B ( 50 yrs & up)
Women A & B (86cc-Open)
86-200cc C
201-250cc C
251-open C
Veteran C (30 yrs & up)
Senior C (40 yrs & up)
Super Senior C (50 yrs & up)
Women C (86cc- open)


MHSC Junior class Races at 9:00 am with AMA Youth Classes

Concessions Available

AMA Card needed to race—– $20 one day card now available
AMA 1 yr membership $49.00

Additional info:  636-942-4884 or 314-504-7287  gdkink@gmail.com
Additional info:  MHSCRacing.com
Camping available  Friday and Saturday nite
Camping fee $12 per nite

Physical Address:  4000 Hwy 32 Park Hills, MO 63601

GPS coordinates:  N 37 degrees 50.235 W 090 30.549